30 day’s Weight Loss Program

//30 day’s Weight Loss Program

Amritam Yoga Foundation provides a weight loss program keeping in mind the requirements of a healthy & fit body. Not only you will loss the weight, but you will also gain the equal strength & flexibility. Join this program and feel the difference yourself. Our yogic kriyas (Sankh-Prakshalan/Detoxification) and other yogic kriyas will help you maintain and detoxify your body.

Detoxification/Sankh-Prakshalan is a blood & body’s natural cleansing process. Detoxification is very helpful to remove impurities from the blood in the liver & loss extra weight.

Detoxification/Sankh-Prakshalan process is very helpful:

– To stop obesity & easily loss extra body fat.
– Free from Constipation.
– Detoxification is very effective a various disease like: Arthritis, Piles, Diabetes, Constipation, Skin Problems, IBS, Bloating, Digestion Problems, Stress & Menstrual problems.

How can effects detoxification/Sankh-Prakshalan stop obesity:
– Detoxification Stimulate the liver function.
– Activate the metabolic system.
– Improve Digestive system & Improve circulation of the blood in the body.
– Promoting elimination through the kidneys, intestines, and skin.

Weight loss not only makes you feel good about yourself, but it will also give you the inspiration to do more…